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DmytroKuleba Київ OSCE ministerial in Łódź kicked off with a special event “OSCE at the crossroads”. I dared to disagree with the title. OSCE is on a highway to hell because Russia abuses its rules and principles despite remarkable effort by CiO, SG and OSCE institutions to keep it afloat 1/2 Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine 🇺🇦 Міністр закордонних справ України
venusiansoleil taurus, leo, scorpio, aquarius🦋✉️ you’ve been fed up with feeling like you’re struggling to stay afloat and to get ahead of what you want to accomplish. these last few weeks have been challenging, and it’s caused you to retreat due to feeling overwhelmed and defeated. spirit-led occultist • holistic healer • creative artist
opinion Worldwide An early 2023 inventory spike looks unavoidable, and if mortgage rates remain high it will be difficult to keep home prices afloat Opinions on business, economics and much more from the editors and columnists at Bloomberg Opinion.
namiwear Los Angeles, CA Man if you don’t stfu lmfao that ain’t no hand out we earned that money and still earning it today keeping this crusty bottom country afloat Black owned & operated Anime Streetwear.
kihnmgzuj The San Juan Islands: Afoot and Afloat L73UUOE
C6_Steve Washington, England @EmmaLewellBuck And thousands of students will be in the town. Residents won’t be enough to keep a business afloat unfortunately! Freelance music teacher specialising in ukulele and brass. Co-owner of @MGrascatering. Owner of @ukeschooluk @ukeshopuk
daisyT1044 Sometimes you have to let people go because they are toxic to you. Let them go because they take and take only and leave you empty. Let them go because in the ocean of life when all you’re trying to do is stay afloat, they are the anchor that’s drowning you. VIEWERS CHOICE ABDU
Mr_UP_The_Irons South Dublin, Ireland @eoindalybsc @sparksfury Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I think when it comes to the Blaze era you either like it or don't, I originally did not but I've been converted to liking his era and I love his solo stuff, but your right it kept the good ship Maiden afloat till Bruce came back 🤟 Iron Maiden fan 🤟 fan of most Heavy Metal and Rock Music 🤟 Also Big Film Geek 📽️🎬Formula 1 fan Lewis Hamilton fan 🏁 followed by @mercedesamgF1 @SteveJones
metafessionals Metaverse Elon Musk is assisting fascist propagandists and conspiracy theorists in an attempt to show how "valuable" and "important" Twitter is to the fascist right. Then, in a month when @elonmusk needs bankruptcy, all the fascists will give him lots of cash to keep it afloat. Watch.
FrancisLaird4 @POTUS What's big is the price of meat, food products and everything else out there. The moderating bit is nothing to average blue collar and is sheer gaslighting . Bread and butter issues are what matters to Americans fighting to stay afloat.
themystic974 Metaverse @EC_NFTea @NFTeaCafe_ 😅... I'm in there already. Perhaps, video tutorials and so could help further. I just lost my last web3 job - Community Manager/Social Media/Moderator - and would like to learn something that can further assist me to stay afloat financially | Crypto | NFT | Defi | Web3 | Community Manager | Community Moderator |#Data Scientist #MintSquare
Minimuh2017 Germany @nytimes Those British royals claim to have distanced themselves from their inherited pomp and circumstances and moved to the US to live a private life, but instead of mixing in quietly, they sell their own brand to the glamour addicted media to stay in the spotlight and afloat. 🙄 German mom of a wonderful daughter, worried by what is going on in the land of the free since 2016. Misspellings due to german auto- correction!
LeechiuProperty Makati, Philippines Catch LPC CEO David Leechiu and SMDC President Jose Mari Banzon in the next episode of Manila Bulletin’s Kapihan sa MB, as they talk about how SMDC managed to stay afloat despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic. LPC is a real estate brokerage company driven by its mission to deliver superior value and profitable real estate solutions for its clients and partners.
RFarrfan U. S. Virgin Islands @LibbiestLib The whole thing is total luck. The Coast Guard swimmer said the guy literally was on his last legs. And staying afloat unconscious? Clowns to the left of me jokers to the right. Law, politics and the intersection with the Courts. Not Bernie. Solid Democrat.
victorxmx1 @J4_MFFL @Hardy_Him Also Luka was playing the worst basketball of his life and jb was keeping afloat. Of course we were gonna start winning when luka got in shape. He’s playing the best basketball and we can’t win currently he’s only gonna slow down as the season goes @miseleccionmx 🇲🇽 #MFFL
Galvatron087 @DeGhadFada This can’t be a real question-it’s Jack and I think he’s definitely not a good person, because he knew this would happen. Yet, he built the company and kept it afloat for a decade. The other, destroying the company in under 6 months. Who Dares To Interrupt My Plasma Bath?!
paulmcmillin5 @RBReich And thats spread out amongst a lot of the market, I have seen bonuses, wage increases, product give aways on excess product. And growth in the company to stay afloat in these rough times.
OxyzoFinancial Gurugram, Haryana Oxyzo provides smart financing solutions to small and medium enterprises that help them keep their businesses afloat by financing their receivables and fulfilling their working capital needs. #SMEfinance #businessfinancetips #growwithoxyzo #workingcapitalloans #accountreceivable Aiming to transform small and medium enterprises into large, Oxyzo offers credit solutions that are customized to help SMEs grow their businesses.
FPLaugur Nottingham, England @FPLAmateursAus @fpl_tactician Souttar is a Premier League hopeful, not proven at the top level. Kuol is 18 and has signed as a development player. These two are not going to keep the others afloat over a 46-game season. #FPL Top 100k 7x in last eight seasons. 21/22 season: 31k. Best finish 17k. #nffc fan.
Caseygirl82 Charlotte, NC I really am. I'm working on and off 8am to 9pm. I'm trying to take great care of my boys, keep the house together n festive and keep afloat! We got this! Happy holidays! 39F Cappy\Sag cusp.♈♐ Momma to 3 stooges.🙃 hippie vibes. 🌈 ⭐ I love lil adventures,fun with my fam,pizza,chill!👽 💚 $Caseygirl1982 #ActuallyAutistic
Bitaemm Iran afloat You are floating, just like the days, moments, and memories of your life. 1/4 2 #tezos #collage #digitalcollage #nfts #tezos #cleannft #nftcollector I make collages that come from my mind and living environment. digital collage artist and photographer. ETH . TEZ . SOL
dr_mgomaa but still afloat and swimming NAMSHI_promocode_promo_coupon_SIVVI_NOON_CODE_discount_OUNASS
sheenepalma down in a rabbithole and idk what my life could've been if I wasn't with Ian. It is often bc of him that my life becomes bearable. He was there to help me stay afloat in times that I'm drowning & he stands there by my side as i try new things. He's not just a boyfriend. He's everything. 💛 𝒂 𝒘𝒂𝒏𝒅𝒆𝒓𝒆𝒓 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒘𝒐𝒏𝒅𝒆𝒓𝒔 ✨
AirisaO Ylisse / Nohr / Garreg Mach i have everybody in my life feeling happy and excited for me but I’m just barely afloat 21 || she/her
JonNotGalt Zurich @cryptogems555 I believe lots of crypto investors need a hedge over this bearish market which is not certain will be over by EOY, and as a result I will say tweet $YLA It is created to help its users stay afloat market volatility and also help them make gains against the market Do androids dream about web3? Builder / Researcher / Scientist / Defi
MickyCarlos Buckingham, England Toh! Not like he was referring to naija rap but even if. We been knew .. Olamide and the indigenous rappers kept naija rap afloat if not! Lol jack of all trades. tryna get Paid
Olaben16 Lagos, Nigeria @Caramel_Brotha @mrbayoa1 @slay_jimmy You're very apt. I have won more games than them. The only advantage they have is higher staking power. If I'd invested all the monies I blindly staked on their games in mine, I would be so afloat atm. And my stake on their games are always very high Let Love Lead
mc_verhelst billythecrypto.eth While Cosmos and Unus Sed Leo Struggle to Stay Afloat, Dogeliens Promises Profits and an Improved Metaverse – CryptoMode #Bitcoin💎 #Moonday🚀 🦊 #ETH #CRO #CROFam #Castcle $OPUL #KASTA #Velodrome
royalmavens she/her ✧ “But the answer was obvious – that they were all four of them drowning in the unfamiliar, and they saw in each other a raft, and clinging to one another was the only way to stay afloat.” Babel by R.F. Kuang stream the great war by taylor swift
Darkscythe UK @8BitGamingUK I’m ok Thanks just staying afloat. And you? Mostly into Retro Games and Consoles. love DC/Marvel comics but mostly DC Comics.
JuhoLaine2 @even200k @Militarylandnet Yes and well maintained to stay afloat and that is gonna be very useful for Ukrainian offensive operations Math student in Helsinki University Mielipiteet eivät omia. 🇫🇮🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦 Socially liberal redneck
Binsanity8 Knickerbockers matinée gameday 🔥🗽 We have a tough game ahead of us against Luka, at home we must try to win it, too important to stay afloat in this part of the season and not let ourselves go down. Special match for JB, hoping he wants to win it more than anyone else. Die-hard fan of @OlimpiaMI1936, @nyknicks, @KentuckyMBB & @juventusfc (in my bio to have a quick link). If it wasn't clear... addicted to basketball! ❤️🏀
sharpwinbot new york | london max, why didn't you pull in some help from another department? uh, which one? they're all understaffed. if I can keep us afloat long enough for Perez and Agata to recover... max, that was me saying i'm in. i'm staying. i would kiss you, but... hourly sharpwin quotes ❤️
BravoAzurill @RavsavSSB I’ll probably need a couple more people to get this idea afloat. But yeah it would be awesome to have you on board, thanks. I might make a chat/server on discord to help make it work. I would need to come up with a name and email account for it as well. Attempting to be a comedian
newfiemunky Fogo, Newfoundland and Labrado Fighting demons no one sees I'm proud of you Mental woes with seeming ease I'm proud of you Woke up and got out of bed I'm proud of you Didn't spiral within your head I'm proud of you Always fight to stay afloat I'm proud of you Life has you by the throat I'm proud of you 💙 -Profanity and Positivity- -Solo Daddy of 2 💗💙- -Gamer, writer, low level poet- -🏳️‍🌈Bi💙💜💖- -he/him/craphead-
cmodenews Hasselt, Belgium While Cosmos and Unus Sed Leo Struggle to Stay Afloat, Dogeliens Promises Profits and an Improved Metaverse #cryptocurrency #blockchain #cryptonews Bitcoin, cryptocurrency news and price analysis website
All_Father98 @JWillows_Author Unbalanced as we were Yet a COG was found to keep us afloat and sailing Never a row, engines in place In heaven embrace we were Till a leak was found And then it came Seeping and filling till our FL was gone Now OATS in the sea racing to the bottom Ambivert, writer and poet, Engineer, loves gaming ||Carefree.Dom
redvoxbot Thanks for the memories, thanks for the times / I took what you gave to me and then made it mine / A drift on the river but riding the tide / Still afloat posting lyrics by red vox once every hour. dms are open for suggestions
JennyAn45572667 @HanaganNic @HarryBGrantham @ModeratelySoci1 @BeckettUnite Just look back to the pandemic. Who kept us ticking over? Not the wealthy business owners. Society shuts down without those at the bottom of the ladder. Seems to keep running without those at the top and their big decisions. Nobody should be killing themselves just to stay afloat
vel776 any pronouns, 23 the dream is gone and i can hardly stay afloat mercury's against me, she's winning tonight.
NamiHusky the steel city @AsherDutchie I try hun... I try to keep you afloat, and I've been helping you to find the answers you need. And I'm gonna keep doing that. Keep being here, keep helping where I can, keep checking on you. |she/her (Trans MtF) ♀️|26⏳|Autistic 💝|Photographer 📸|Public Transport 🚅|History 📆|Games 🕹️| Photos are © unless otherwise stated. p: @Rosepuppies
x1shaun22 @compass_mining If the writing isn’t on the wall for anyone reading this by now, they’re getting ready to go under. This is a last ditch effort to try and get working capital to stay afloat a little longer. Get out while you can and don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😂
AmaPemburu @GameStationIO @OGLifeOGL @KafayatObanigba Surviving in the cryptocurrency market is difficult and many projects fail to achieve their goals. What strategy is your project using to stay afloat in this tough blockchain race? Hanya manusia biasa
ItsGauchismo @Terminatoes @RLMactavish @MetoyerNick @realDailyWire But you do vote Democrat right?KKK anyone? Slavery? Lost the civil war yet still in power. Ruined the black family? But hey they get welfare right. Now that they are switching the mail in ballot and drop boxes are all that keeps them afloat
JudgeDr68446317 CPD Public Investigation Unit @SShabbarZaidi Pakistan is already unofficially bankrupt, and being made afloat by extortionate taxs imposed on 220million awaam to plug the holes in the boat to stop it sinking. The Pakistani Justice League is dedicated to making sure that all of our public servants obey our laws. If you break the law, we will work to prosecute you.
KowtowRobinson Middletown, NY @DankInEffect And fork eSports anyway we're literally going to lose our hobby in a few years time to this crap, it's not going to keep us afloat it's going to destroy our events. What PG did is the logical endpoint of eSports, exclusivity at the expense of everyone else. made a cohost, hit me up if you want me to add you. fork c*ypto and f*ck the pigs, now and always He/Him
txctyler he/him, 20 @KingHarrold77 @MrDavidRendell @SandraM42714534 @Fathers_Writes @mtaibbi The reasons that we don’t have direct democracy in America are numerous. Contemporarily, conservatives would bitch and moan because blue states dominate in population, meanwhile conservatives are kept electorally afloat with a combo of fear mongering and disenfranchisement of POC 🌿 🕊 ACM 4/7/21
JudgeDr68446317 CPD Public Investigation Unit @UdarOfficial PDM are draining the blood of tax payers to keep the country afloat with extortionate taxation imposed on the awaam as investment is drying up and straggling economy. The Pakistani Justice League is dedicated to making sure that all of our public servants obey our laws. If you break the law, we will work to prosecute you.
wheresnebby D22 - Ca22 - Na13 - C07 i miss grade 7 bcs at the time everyone was so willing to write stories with me and now they all have their own lives while i keep those old stories afloat, even if just for myself kuya shinji of pisay || pshs-mc '25 || they/he/it + neos || @Official_BBSC @PisayEllipsis || pfp: @tabyowwww
Billythekid_AZ @MappyPoop Imagine that Florida and Louisiana stay afloat.

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