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ABSCBNNews Manila, Philippines "Sabi niya, 'Vietnam? Philippines? Friends.' Kaya alam kong Vietnam." While the others were struggling to stay afloat, two Pinoy fishermen rowed a small banca for 2 hours to reach the Vietnamese vessel and ask for help. Stories, video, and multimedia for Filipinos worldwide, from ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs, the Philippines' most trusted news organization.
Reuters Around the world ICYMI: New Huawei phones will no longer be able to have Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram apps pre-installed, in yet another blow to the Chinese tech giant as it struggles to stay afloat in the face of a U.S. ban Top and breaking news, pictures, and videos from Reuters.
GrantWahl New York City Today, let's talk about the Thailand side of 13-0 vs USA. Why is it that Thailand, Jamaica & a ton of other countries that didn't make the women's World Cup have so little support from FIFA money and have to rely on benefactors to keep their teams afloat? Sports Illustrated. Fox Sports TV. Planet Fútbol pod & SI TV show. Exploring Planet Fútbol series (SI TV). Order my book MASTERS OF MODERN SOCCER at this link:
JuIieB Michigan, USA 🇺🇸 @mf36 @realDonaldTrump That he's a fraud, he was never a billionaire and that Saudi Arabia and Russia kept him afloat. ~And something inside me just...broke...That's the only way I could describe it.~ I will miss you forever. 💔 #TrumpsWarOnTheMediaIsTheRealFakeNews. 💙🌊
sk8littletune i cant think of anyone who would actually give a crap at this point, the pain keeps getting deeper and i cant stay afloat with this poetic bullcrap biomass/☣️/21 𝙘𝙪𝙧𝙧𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙡𝙮 𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙤𝙣: ???
hellorogue Glasgow, Scotland Happy Father’s Day to our absolute hero @peteduthie ✨ I can’t thank you enough for everything you do for me and Reuben and the animal babies too. You’ve totally stepped up to the mark with keeping the house afloat and looking after Reuben now I’m bac… Lifestyle Blogger and Art Department for Film & TV. 'Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don't be sorry.' IG: @hellorogue // Email: aydenmillar@gmail.com
Mardochee07 Cincinnati, OH Your Struggles is all part of the journey, stay positive, stay afloat, and remember Jesus loves you. Happy Sunday Speak it to existence 🇨🇩
JustBeckford London The world of parenting in itself is a crazy one and just staying afloat alone I applaud everyone. Happy Father’s day to all the father’s out there. I will be reaching out to mine today, to face my fears of the idea that one day he will leave me. Love & light x A Father & A Pharaoh 👑 | Solo Parent | We just trying to make things work | YouTube link below 👇 | 📸
kbthe23 Miami @CoachBush23 Happy Father's Day to the World's Greatest Dad!!! You've given our children someone to admire, respect, honor and love. We are thankful for ALL you do to keep this family afloat 👏❤😘
tarporleygirl Ok, get this. We are the 5th largest economy in the world. We are keeping the EU afloat, that's why they call us treasure island. And that's why at least five other countries want out of the EU now and more would flood out if we leave. It's a total Orwellian state.
FlavorNeutrAlo United States @basedd0rf @KrispyKrabby @Bailey_TheWolf @bdzbcomics @RubyHatori @shofu 800+ individual models is different from 752 with a myriad of reused models. This also neglects the size of the team making the game, the work going into other assets and the various programming tweaks required to keep it afloat with each Pokemon and their adjustments. Cancelled products don't get patches anymore. He/Him
xiuxxvi hull/plymouth the lights would be cheaper than rehoming them and improving fire safety in buildings so ofc.. theyre being money conscious xoxoxo gotta save money to keep the uk afloat after brexit xoxo 『zacky, 22, he/him, illustrator, Ⓥ, 🏳️‍🌈』✨no cops at pride just chanyeols beefy arms✨ private is @xiuxxviprive
Soul_Keepers23 Indianapolis Homeless Job loss is never about the loss of the job. It's about the loss of income and revenue streams to pay for a life. There are no groups in the land that simply quickly replace a person's funds to keep them afloat. Local townships don't do as much as they can to help someone. Homeless Political Consultant, Reporter of Society, Soul & Science. Writer: Movie Dragon Priest-Light Provision, Author: Soul Keepers
haldonahue Scranton, PA, USA @jeffswarens Stripped of allies; distrusted by all with a leader that is both inept and a laughingstock with a #military increasingly undertrained and demoralized The @BarackObama #economy is the only thing keeping #CadetBoneSpurs afloat - no honor or integrity retired military and energy guy yet a dedicated believer in leaving world a better place. Interests: foreign affairs, equal rights, military, veterans#UniteBlue
Deadofthesean Glasgow @MrBrowstone82 Such a horrible concept man. I’m having to work 2 jobs the now to keep afloat. And wee dick like this are ripping it out the good ones who are trying. gaming loving twitch streaming moron! I also do YouTube #stillgamers
LinenPressBooks London, England You'd pay them more on Amazon! By buying our books from our website, you keep us afloat and give us the means to keep publishing women's writing for women 🌟 Think presents, think wonder, think adventures, think dreams.. here's the link: One of the few indie women's presses in the UK. Browse our bookshop: 💜A ROLL OF THE DICE💜 is out now!
tfoale England, United Kingdom @PaulbernalUK @PhillWatson1970 @retireenjoy @Rachel5742 @Trouserlord @Untidy_mind We came extremely close to financial collapse and a lot worse than austerity in 2007/8. If anything else had gone wrong we were sunk. It was the wrong time to do anything other than provide stability. That's why all of that QE created no inflation - it just kept the ship afloat. CTO, Klaatu IT Security. Destroyer of implicit assumptions. Kidney donor. Social supremacist. Tom Foale
megapixel13 Stowmarket @wbavin . Your promo undersold you . @BBCNorthampton You didn't mention how hard you worked on 102 and The Beach keeping it afloat You will be missed on @BBCSuffolk x
KawaiiDaughter PBB House “Life is an ocean, and most everyone’s hanging on to some kind of dream to keep afloat.” — Tim Tharp, The Spectacular Now KAORI AtFanCon @kaori_oinuma Official Account of Kaories Supreme Chapter. 🌎
SumaShirur My Daddy's simple words of wisdom keep me afloat even to this day - 'Do your BEST and forget the REST' Wishing all the fathers in the world a Happy Father's Day. #FathersDay #HappyFathersDay Official Account. 2004 Olympic Finalist. Arjuna Awardee. High Performance Specialist Coach Junior Indian Rifle Shooting Team. Chief Coach MPSA.
SabaidSionnach Alba bhòidheach @AFireInTheNorth @AmandaF63400214 @RoryStewartUK It's the only way they can keep a grip of the middle east and keep the dollar afloat as the world's reserve currency... Lose control of oil and the US sinks like a stone atheism , physics, Scottish Independence, single malt. ...no particular order #DissolveTheUnion
jeremy_pm Auckland, New Zealand @dalea_101 @Harry_BakerB @NewshubPolitics @dbseymour Regardless of whether they make enough $ to qualify for a + income tax anything they spend is taxed at 15% & you can guarantee there is no money being tucked away for a rainy day in an offshore thingamajiggy account. These people spend everything they get to try and stay afloat. Ideas reckoneer
C3lestial1 Riyad @ChrisConeyInt Previous QE went into stocks and housing market. This time round it will also go into bitcoin is my prediction. QE4 will cause a corporate debt bubble through stock buy backs. Stocks rise and their debt will increase requiring lower interest rate to stay afloat.
RoarReport Vancouver, British Columbia TSN isn't keeping the #cfl afloat, its TSN's most profitable programming. TSN is going to offer even more $$$ in 2021 to keep the blackouts dropped. Your still going to be stuck with same problem, people want to watch the game from home and avoid traffic. The essential one-stop source for #BCLions news, updates, information, commentary and #CFL analysis. Follow to stay on top of everything #BCLions
sea_sutton Sutton Coldfield ** Reminder ** We are NOT going afloat today. All Sea Cadets are to be in 4's and Royal Marine Cadets are to be in MTP. We are Sutton Coldfield Sea Cadets, a self-funded charity based on naval values. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well!
akhiltan @carolinejmolloy @realDonaldTrump You can remain afloat in your bubble head... but this not going to alter the fact, he is such a hypocrite, Jihadi supporter all along and in nutshell, worse thing happen to the London! Estranged! yet relative to time and space. I am liberated,not belong to cast, creed, language or state, am INDIAN | RT Not Endorsement❗️
atul95 797112 Fathers sacrifices are like air in water tube which is not seen but never let us get drowned and always keeps us afloat #HappyFathersDay No words can express the gratitude for all those sacrifices.thank you An ordinary citizen
TaraBusch Los Angeles/ UK @GILA_____ Downward Spiral. That album changed me forever.I was 22 when it came out & it hit me w/ trmendous force at a terrible time in my life & kept me afloat. Exquisite & harrowing, & a technological masterpiece. Facemelting songwriting.Flawlessly produced and recorded. I SPEAK MACHINE w/ @maflewis on @LexRecords see our Patreon universe at
HudsonPRGroup1 Hawaii, USA Keeping a business afloat is hard enough without having to worry about marketing online and connecting with audiences on social media. What if I told you that this was a sure fire way to rapidly scale if not double your business? #socialmediamarketing full-service agency, with expertise in Promotions/Marketing, Corporate Communications/Community Relations, Government Affairs and Crisis Communications.
morbital @RoarReport @TheRealJJAdams Like it's simple optics, if tsn is keeping the league afloat, make that a better product. And a full stadium looks way better on tv. So sell $20 flat tickets, remember the 7 eleven tickets in the 90s? #VWFC #BCLions #SJSharks #49ers. Views my own. RT ≠ Endorsement.
marcodeandrade1 Vancouver @TheRealJJAdams TSN is keeping the league afloat. The league lost a generation who are now NFL fans and they won’t pay the current prices. Seems pretty simple to me, charge less which leads to bigger crowds, which leads to better experience, which leads to repeat customers #canucks #whitecaps #slbenfica
_Adedolapo_Babz Lagos, Nigeria Be kind and be good, and be strong, don’t let the vicissitudes of time and the ill actions of men change you. The boat stays afloat as long the water doesn’t get’s in it, so stay afloat and never let it cloud your decision. be good and I pray Allah preserve us all in goodness. 🙏 Accountant (Auditor)/ Tax Consultant | Realist | Team Arsenal ❤ | Quirkyalone! #BeHappyGang 💯
mrmasondude @dad_as_heck If it makes you feel any better His companies are struggling and he's been doing some shady crap to try and keep them afloat
BrilynnK Happy Fathers day! I could not do any of this without you. You're just the best dad I could ask for to Octavia. You keep everything afloat when I feel like sinking. You help so much without me even asking and I… Octavia Elizabeth Haddox 3/16/19 💜 8/22/18 Nick Lee Haddox ❤
putul_rani_deb port bl @PankajPachauri @PrannoyRoyNDTV @ndtv No. It won't fail. NDTV and the @thewire will close. But if you keep on abusing, spreading lies and be part of the propaganda to usurp @MamataOfficial you may just succeed to remain afloat. Aggressive Feminist! Totally fearless! Waiting for dystopia so that I can kick bottom till my last breathe!
daringnishikino Happy birthday bitch u literally keep me afloat and have been my soulmate for over four years now almost I love you so much I’d die for u I’d k word for u I’d give u both of my kidneys I ADORE U BITCH @9amuses kyle. april and kim chaewon fan account. DSP works hard but I work harder. kpop and jpop stan account🍍 autistic.
andyortiz512 “ I know it’s so hard to stay afloat when you make monsters out of thoughts and you’re dragged under “
nekware @tesla_truth @Vikingbhoy exactly, if the loss was $50-100 million for Q2 and they have now have $4.7 billion on hand, then Tesla could easily stay afloat over 47-94 Quarters at those rates, Tesla doesn't have to be super profitable at this stage, just have to lose very little to keep growing like crazy My Tesla referral code, please use it or give it to friends so that my kids can eat - kenneth24447
Paronomaniac_SA Sadly EA has snatched a lot great devs (see Bioware) but thinks that enough is going to keep it afloat. EA is trash and this is one of many ways it shows it
bogan_patrick Texas, USA @GatenM123 please find a job that isn't cruel, and humiliating to people who are trying to stay afloat. Middle-aged, overweight, white man from Texas.
anamericanghost California ✈️ Oregon Patreon is a very important way that I continue to keep my freelance business afloat, and without it life would be pretty hard during the summer months when I don't teach. So please check it out if you like my work and want to support it 🧡 freelance illustrator // illustration instructor at @pnca (she/her) samanthamashillustration@gmail.com
JPEGKAI Chicago, IL there’s really no excuse for not knowing these things but y’all gotta remember that people only have 24 hours in a day and sometimes they gotta sacrifice family time to make sure the same stay afloat. just saying. #reMeMber | The One Nobody Would Vouch For | Kari 🥰💛♥️💍
dumbeilishvibes header ©; @BarbaricRoyaIty — I'm trying to say that... the feeling's mutual. ´´ » It was the simplest way he could put it. And maybe the asshole part wasn't necessary, but it was the easiest way to keep his fragile little pride afloat while admitting that he shares the feeling. ★彡 ᗞᝪᑎ'Ꭲ ᗴᐯᗴᑎ ᎢᕼᏆᑎᏦ ᗩᗷᝪᑌᎢ ‍ ‍   ‍ ᏆᎢ. 彡★ ‍ ‍ ‍ #вαвумυffιимυи
ChugMySox San Francisco, CA @DotYawning @RichardPell4 @truTVjokers is the biggest prank show going on that channel and across the world... its single handedly keeping that channel afloat. Literally playing 20 episodes a day. But since you're ignorant of that part of comedy it died 6 years ago #logic. INTJ intellectual that doesn't confuse emotion with logic. Always ask why, instead of believing everything you see. #ArmyVet #1A #2A #LegalImmigrant #FilAm
jayforJesus_ Travialing from Earth➡️Heaven Happy Father’s Day to every man that saw a mother who was at the brinks of losing her mind because she was left alone to do it all and did all they could to keep her afloat even though it wasn’t your responsibility. Made in 🇳🇬• Lives in 🇺🇸•Citizen of Heaven 🙌🏽 ✝️• Hand Maiden of Yahweh 👑
DaveMarkson1 Washington, DC @TPtheFaceman He really thinks that there are enough morons like him to keep a platform afloat? He does understand that despite a big push by celebs, Dems and the media, he and people like him are a tiny minority of the public overall right? "I hear rumors flying around--I got suspended. In this day and time you can't even get suspended, You are Banned. By god I've never been Banned in my life!"
rajanagastail North Vancouver, BC, Canada plus adults are generally the ones who can AFFORD to buy figures/plush/etc and keep that merchandise afloat and a lot of those are from series not aimed at kids lol Jean|m|31|gay ✨ He/him ✨ I love RPGs, video games and 90's-00's anime/manga! @sicas_syj 💕& @CushyDemon 💕
LaRapiereSorel @HerooftheWilds Raphael would blink before laughing a bit. "My dear boy, Soul Edge can't be destroyed! Its power is the very thing keeping my darling Amy and me afloat here! " character bio info here:
NeighborRogers Pittsburgh, PA "I'm sorry to hear that. Sometimes, though, the people we consider family might not even be related to us. It's love that keeps us together, and afloat." нeƖƖo, ɴeιɢнвor! ▪ MVRP. #αgαρε ▪ Roleplay account. #Fake
lylrrz σωτήρας it was wrong because i wasn't fully healed. i haven't fully found myself. but quit acting like you saved me. because there are also times you drowned me in tears and pain, but i was the one that kept myself afloat. and you take zero credits for that. chaos • 𝙍𝙈𝙏, 𝙈𝘿

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