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JuliaHB1 London And now it's my turn for the @NeilDotObrien treatment! Yay!!! He must not have ANY constituents who're struggling to see their elderly relatives in care homes, get a laptop for their kid's Zoom lessons, to keep their business afloat or any other issues he could help with 🙄 @talkRADIO Breakfast Show presenter 6.30am-10am Mon-Fri on DAB+, smart speaker, our app or online. Journalist, broadcaster, after-dinner speaker, awards host.
ericabuddington Land of the Lenape I run a education company and still have two other jobs, to stay afloat. Educators across the industry are struggling. Eat your monoliths. I create mirrors. An educator undoing the master narrative, one Black innovation at a time. CEO/Founder of @langstonleague. ✨
jrf_uk York, UK OUT NOW UK Poverty 2020/21. Our leading independent report reveals how the impact of a decade of deprivation coupled with #COVID19 and #lockdown has hit people trapped in poverty the hardest. Government policies must keep people afloat, not pull them under JRF is an independent social change organisation working to solve UK poverty.
alextuba Marysville, Kansas @troycoverdale So, go make those individuals who are doing that do what is right. Leave people like me alone. Let me run my business in a way that keeps it afloat and profitable for me. I am the one who has to try to sleep at night if I am not paying an appropriate wage to my employees.
BiggsJamarr Falls City, NE @Anti_Karens @TJFsports I realize he has been a jerk. I haven’t personally observed him use the n word which is totally disrespectful and racists but his efforts to keep small businesses afloat should be celebrated. Can we at least agree on that @anti_karens Nature Environmentalists, Chiefs Fan, Cornhusker Fan, LGBT Fan, Anti-Lockdown, Anti-Big Tech Censorship
thesideofmyface The Big Apple @zachheltzel What the hell do they think is going to happen when the majority of the country can't afford to buy three shares at a time off the S&P or of high-performance stocks? The whole premise behind their living off dividends is that the business stays afloat and more and more invest. Sometime editor. Sometime writer. Sometime educator. Lots of tweets about film, the film business, and running. Where my Murderinos at?
CruiseLaw Miami FL Another no #refund #cruise scam, this time by @CruiseNorwegian / NCL - using other peoples' money to try and stay afloat . . . Miami Maritime Lawyer & Publisher of Cruise Law News - Everything Cruise Lines Don't Want You to Know.
CruiseLaw Miami FL Another no @refund #cruise #scam, this time by @RoyalCaribbean - using other peoples' money to try and stay afloat , , , Miami Maritime Lawyer & Publisher of Cruise Law News - Everything Cruise Lines Don't Want You to Know.
Filling_blanks Norwalk, CT Thank you to everyone who has joined our mission to #FundRestaurantsFeedFamilies, but we still need your help! Restaurants continue to struggle to stay afloat and families are unable to feed their loved ones. To join our efforts go to: #nokidhungry Filling in the Blanks fights childhood hunger by providing needy children with meals on the weekends.
CruiseLaw Miami FL Another no #refund #cruise #scam by @RoyalCaribbean - Using other peoples' money to try and stay afloat . . . Miami Maritime Lawyer & Publisher of Cruise Law News - Everything Cruise Lines Don't Want You to Know.
LYNNMILDNER London Suburbs @Janela_X Doesn’t @NicolaSturgeon realise that Ireland and the rest of Europe have no furlough scheme, no support for business, and that central government have kept Scottish people and industry afloat today my profile pic is the late @NikkiStix55 to mark her funeral on 12/01/21 #remembering@nikkistix55
sarablaira Hollywood, California Literally just trying to stay financially afloat and get mentally healthy... I’m craving stability and just a day off to cry Bachelors in acting, ☀️Gemini. 🌔Sagittarius. ⬆️ Virgo, INFP, she/they
kpnuts134 Dublin 8 @KarlBrophy @rosamadredublin @MichaelsCoDub Fair play, Karl, you're keeping lobster fishing sector afloat. Luca's joint and @Thepalacebar21 Temple Bar's two finest establishments. Human being, English language teacher
KismetKissmett Lincolnshire @imnotwealthy @TonyLockwood8 @jeremycorbyn There are so many good bits we could use from other countries.... but we seem to be just keeping those afloat at the top, making capitalism look like it works, just because rich people exist. I believe meritocracy is a myth and bootstrap theory only works for a few...
TheVaginalist Stolen Land precisely because we are trying to help out at home with parents (or in my case parent) whose labor is also exploited and us pooling together is all we can do to stay afloat. Abolish prisons, landlords, work, and candy corn hatred. Killjoy. chicana. trash.
DeludeJon @CodySelf_5 @alexcutler247 @PitchBook @MorningstarInc Took a big $vixy position Friday afternoon expecting the same and heavy volatility, DC currently has more military than ever before. The only good news has now been potentially delayed #stimulus and injection was all that’s been keeping us afloat. Gunna get real harry here IMO Love for trading and marijuana movement. All tweets are my own opinion and financial decisions should not be based on them. enjoy
fcmom203 Fairfield County, CT "I just don’t feel like I have the energy, focus, or dedication it takes to make massive changes right now. I’m trying to stay afloat in the life I have and enjoy it instead of continually being on the go or working on improving my life. I’m choosing do... Fairfield County Mom is a locally-focused parenting resource for moms and families. #fairfieldcountymom
AndrewSandersSA The quotes from local medical experts in this... “The boat is leaking, and so the health systems are running around trying to patch the ship, make sure it stays afloat...But somebody keeps pouring more and more water in.” Assistant Professor of Political Science @TAMUSanAntonio, author of "The Long Peace Process" @LivUniPress:
mcneillb Calgary, Alberta @TheBebsMLC @wearsy @jkenney Most Principals or Teachers pour tons of their own time, resources and money into just trying to keep the educational system in its basic form afloat, certainly not much left over for learning and gathering teaching material for emerging technologies like these. I love making, hardware, coding and the process of creation, the truth of math and physics and spend a lot of time researching topics I think are important.
Doktogrey @McOlukunmi @okosivals @ChifeDr @ChifeDr @McOlukunmi @okosivals i can tell you for a fact if not for our ingenuity and business acumen that has kept us afloat and ahead, the whole nation and especially southwest will have made life unbearable for us Igbos.. We would have no SAY or identity .. Your bespoke online store for Bags,Gown, female wears . Best prices and swift deliveries in Lagos (2hours) 📦 .: WWD +2349018676704 WhatsApp +2348179872507
LindaLmchugh Toronto @ontarioisproud Anyone knows what is going on with Fords family business, Deco Labels and Tags? Did he keep it open in the States but shut it down here in Toronto? How much of tax money is keeping it afloat? I'm nice, until I'm not.
PUSSYRlOT seattle 🎠 baisl 🎠 he him @jmsfcx Idk if my views on senior staff being paid more are outdated but I bust my bottom helping people and keeping an entire department afloat by myself so like..... I deserve money hail venus hail satan hail planter’s cheez balls
shawnjvandiver San Diego, CA | Washington, DC In fact, the Navy basically kept this company afloat by spending millions of dollars for Sailors to become Certified in Homeland Security (CHS). They had five levels, the last two required in person training and tests. The tests were not challenging and just acted as a cash cow. dad, natsec nerd, relationships guy, aggressive friend, not much of a “heads up” guy. leadership roles: @trumanproject, @vets4biden, @VCCSanDiego, & @emergeca
spandianvsk @babaramc27 As for franchise contracts, you think the franchise is not aware of the shifts? They will try and tweak efficiencies to keep franchisees afloat. They aren’t going to leave them out to dry, it goes against their entire business model. Not sure how that’s relevant even Spandian (🇪🇸+🇮🇳)
StateCourts Williamsburg, VA New procedure/technology & a whole lot of employee effort & ingenuity combined to keep #Iowa's judicial system afloat in a year wracked by the coronavirus, Supreme Court Chief Justice Susan Christensen said during her Condition of the Judiciary address. Providing trusted leadership and proven solutions to courts around the country and the world.
kunromii SHE|HER 21 love shot was so boring the mv and how sexy the exos looked were the only thing that kept it afloat 💔 the average youngjae and kun enjoyer
ThaQuantumQueen With Love From tha 369 💚🪴🌱🌿🌎Remember Earth Realm, These companies that seek your light (energy) to keep their company going, need you just as heavily as you desire their compensation for the services that YOU are providing them to stay afloat. You are as asset and should never see the glass half •𝔼arth‘s 𝐃ivine 𝐌other💒 •Divine Royalty(Aligned & illuminated)👑•The Habitual Healer👩🏽‍🌾🌈 •𝐆od’s True Daughter👁•𝐇eavenly & ℍere🤍•𝐉esus 2 x’s 💎
LivyKitty23 United States Big corps need to be held responsible but small businesses don’t get a free ride to abuse and underpay workers. I work to put food on the table, not to keep your little B&B in the middle of F and Nowhere afloat for peanuts Writer, artist, loser nerd, pro lurker. Don’t be touching that link/follow button unless you’re 18+ She/Her.. Gender fluid💁‍♀️💁‍♂️ Header by @A_Shy_Dork
amiwrong82 Chichester @BilaRed Sorry, don't know you, but in the name of the next generation, I'll never, ever, ever forgive you! You helped enable far right movements, hatred, bigotry and public lies. Zero sympathy here as I have children and a life that I'm trying to keep afloat like so many of my generation Democrat, loving father concerned about his babies in a world of insanity. Pragmatic, level headed and angry at Dominic Cummings' oversized head & arrogance.
CafeDeCheshire1 @kime_lane @zachreinert0 Its not the crazies that keep the NRA afloat, it's the lobby market, and the people who play class politics that make the biggest contributions. They've been safely nestled, enjoying the lack of debate. 18+only. Final Fantasy Fossil, Dead by Daylight Dweeter. Incurably thirsty for himbos. ADHD and incurable nihilism.
athenajohnson_ Eugene, OR THIS. Essential workers have kept the world afloat and are out working in awful conditions and some of you don’t think they deserve more than $7/hour. Somebody has to work those jobs and it can’t all be high schoolers. All jobs deserve to have a livable wage! ig @athena_7johnson 💫
Rooms2U UK Could solutions like this help the hospitality industry stay afloat during this pandemic? Pod dining eliminates the risk of dining in close quarters with others and provides a unique, personal experience. The Extra Space Marketplace #GardenRooms #Cabins #ShepherdsHuts #EcoDomes #Belltents
StillwaterCol @MixingChris They're all facts though. There *are* labor markets; there *are* different costs of living in different areas; there *are* small businesses which can't absorb higher wages and stay afloat.
jerseyguy245 @MiOpinoin @intp_lola @Tiimo2003 @IronJoeBro Agreed. And it just a never ending cycle that many get into. Work a ton of hours, so u r extremely tired. Processed foods r mostly easier to prepare quickly, which leads u to more health problems, which r compounded by the stress of working so many hours to keep afloat. Its rough Football, bourbon, and Die Hard
ravene_ghelfi @smokedakool_aid @natunhinged Mmm well yeah I get what you’re saying. I guess in my head I’m differentiating the family owned companies I work for that are valued at well into the millions and family owned companies that maybe only make enough to get by and keep the company afloat. Markie’s wife // Baby mama
uk_domain_names "Brittany Ferries Add New Rosslare-Cherbourg Service Bringing More Capacity & Much Earlier" Yet another direct Ireland<->EU ferry route! New ones are being put on every few days. Amazing. Author of 'Slaying Brexit Unicorns' (Kindle & paperback at link below). Mainly tweeting about Brexit and the coronavirus, plus occasional fun geeky stuff.
Salvadorre_ Sorrow has the ability to permeate in your mood despite your best efforts. Sometimes it's the circumstances that impede your every effort to stay afloat...and then you let go n let the tides take you in. live fully and cherish what you have
OptD419 Atlanta | Charlotte | LasGidi @AktiveIfe Exactly..... you said it “income redistribution”, best way for income redistribution? Keep money in circulation fixed by getting the federal reserve to pause on printing more digital currency just to keep stock market afloat..... and then.... raise minimum wage. That’s literally Follow @Ezfinances4u . Links: . Follower of Christ ❤️
DeloresTopliff Author Interview (and a Giveaway!): Delores Topliff & Books Afloat via @meezcarrie There's still time to enter a chance to win! Writer, teacher, editor, grandmother, traveler
VBieler Cairns, Queensland @DanielLambert29 And you seem to have a grip on it imagine business that are struggling to stay afloat. Thanks for sharing. My tweets are an opinion and I remain respectful of yours! #bekind 🙏🌻🌴☕️
PKellypr1 Chicago, IL Life today is challenging, that’s no joke. Especially when you need to navigate the muddy waters of credit and finances. At R&K Wealth Development we give you the tools you need to keep you afloat and chart your map for the future. Our agents are on the lookout for your best Public Relations & Publicity for unique, smaller organizations.
angelabme1 California, New York, USA @NikkiHaley @standamericanow Not forgetting 🤷‍♀️ Anyone who pays taxes is helping the Trump family's struggling business stay afloat. And not just a little: the Secret Service alone has had to spend at least $1.2 million at Trump properties so far. 2nd generation of Immigrants. Strong believer we were all created equal. Fighting for Democracy in age of Covid. No Party Affiliated. NO DM’S- I Block Ignorance
Stormm_AP I could do a quick Google but I’m pretty sure that I will read that it has something to do with overall health AND A forkING WAY OF LIFE!! You are not to work yourself to death just to stay afloat financially! You’re paying for all of these expenses just to spend most of your God is first. 🙏🏾❤️
SmileEvryone @BuddyWinston But Buddy, the money the states can raise to help for Medicaid and unemployment alone should make states look at this as a viable means to stay afloat and not raise taxes on these Americans who can not afford that either. "Be brave enough to suck at something new until you don't"
Ravven Staffordshire, England I've had a lot of minimum wage jobs. I was a single mom and I did everything possible to stay afloat. In fact, I once worked at a restaurant where I made 25¢/hr because the law allowed them to use estimated tips as an hourly wage. None of these things alone are a living wage. Gamer, book cover artist, ex-web developer. Reader of books and writer of waffle and rubbish. She/her.
NelioSoft Barcelona Nelio is still afloat and we have adapted very well to working remotely. So, what do we ask of this 2021? We help you get the most out of your #WordPress website with Nelio Content and Nelio A/B Testing.
LadyToluu London ,In Jesus' name Lol. I can do more but I'm just very lazy. I just learn enough to keep me afloat and move. Not here to pander to your feelings. Feminism is very important. I find chaos interesting. I lived. 🔴#LFC #YNWA🔴 LilWayne and Nicki 💕👑
outlawswinter Ireland @ireland_vegan @WalleyRay @ReginaDo ...but they’re probably just trying to keep their bills paid and business afloat... 🙃🤣 not particularly interesting
msgbaloo Rocklin, Ca. @SenJeffMerkley @Summerawaits Boycott any product sold by I happened to watch FOX the other day and every other commercial was from this idiot at MyPillow. He’s the one keeping FOX afloat Semi retired and moderate liberal with love for life model RR is my hobby. my granddaughters are the love and joy of my life. #VoteBlueNoMatterWho. RESISTANCE
drfdonnelly @clay_mcch Yes, it does. Remember ‘essential’ workers? Those who literally kept the country afloat? They shouldn’t have to work 3 jobs to survive. And teacher’s pay can be increased. Simples. 👩‍⚕️🐕🐾🐾🌿🍏⛷🚑🇬🇧

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