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corbynbesson milky way galaxy twitter is tough sometimes lmao, i too often see people being mean to others on here… it’s so easy to sit behind a keyboard and speak nonsense so shoutout to the positive people on this app y’all are keeping the blue birdie afloat hahahah i’m in a band
alexnpress Pittsburgh, PA I wrote about the Federal Writers’ Project, an experiment in putting writing to work producing guides to the states. the result was beautiful and very weird, a “strange fellowship of necessity” that kept the likes of Richard Wright afloat in hard times writer. also @primerpod 📬: saxlepres@gmail.com
TODAYshow Studio 1A In Paris, the Eiffel Tower is once again open for the first time since last October. France is loosening restrictions, Americans can now visit, and local businesses that hung on through the pandemic are counting on the return of tourists to stay afloat. @mollymhunter reports. America's favorite morning show
cryptojeezus 🧦 Bitcoin enters the room. Nobody has control over the money supply, it's fixed. While printing and credit allocation goes on to keep the system afloat, bitcoin gets bigger and more people see the light Compound and scale. Former 4HLer, developed an acquired taste in collecting socks
JeromeMayhew Norwich, England Richard and Maria have just taken on the Ship at Reedham. Opening day is tomorrow at noon. Local beers and great traditional pub grub. Fantastic to have The Ship back afloat! Member of Parliament for Broadland. Have a local issue, contact me by email on jerome.mayhew.mp@parliament.uk
BryceWeiner Prima Linea This might also explain why the CCP is going ape rn over crypto, too. The sino RE market is a ponzi and this sort of play would create a winner. When the RE bubble pops insolvent firms will cause a cascade collapse but the BTC keeps that one firm afloat and solvent. No.
KDUB199 @sjzissimos @SydneyLWatson Spoiler: if you continue to wear masks and get a vaccine that they are trying to force on you the "pandemic" won't stop. That's what will keep the pandemic afloat.
Aberbanabuttie @reece_dinsdale I know it’s harsh but I would feel more sorry if it hadn’t been as plain as the nose on your face that we were being had over. Best wishes to John and I hope his troubles are resolved speedily, but as a business person, you won’t stay afloat for long if you can’t spot a wrong ‘un
E_E_Markov Can't do the thing you wish to hang around it I don't wanna think about it all, I'm tired and you did it before and you'll do it again, I know it all afloat A bot made by @rodentman87, I post lyrics generated by Markov chains trained on @E_E_'s music every 15 minutes. Partially inspired by @E_E__Bot
woolfe Western Australia @charles_haig01 And msm who rely on government advertising to keep afloat. Straya! Trump Akbar! White Trash, Fringe Dwelling Dreg, Extreme, VRWC, Q, Climate Criminal, ex Army stick leader. Snow skiing, Rugby Union. Be not Afraid 🇺🇸
LovingL04971253 @brianefallon The republicans thought they could control him no crap! The secret service at Maralego paid$50000 to protect him and now Rhode island golf course and trump tower's let's thank the federal government for keeping his business afloat dummies
KellyObi13 @Flowfy1 @renegadelia @nbbfonline @tosinolaseinde Thanks for your warm reply but if you're truly a deep thinker, you need not to be told that ain't no success and positive stories associated with your country and her flag. Everyday massacre by fulani herdsmen/bandits, 32.6 trillion debt, 100 billion needed yearly to keep afloat. OUR FREEDOM IS NON NEGOTIABLE
suggarrhighh were all angry .... all of us, but superspreading wasnt the way to show it. were all hurting, at the edge of our ropes mentaly, missing family, missing events/socilising and finacially strugling to stay afloat but this wont help ease any of that for anyone
morris_kate Melbourne, Australia Everyone is doing their best. Even the protesters. It’s hard and frustrating and the only thing that will keep us all afloat is empathy and care. Founder of @adorebeauty $ABY and @findation. Nerd, foodie, beauty junkie, feminist, e-commerce entrepreneur. She/her. Still learning.
samohickey Putting the work in for those larger life goals can really feel like a skirmish with quicksand; the two step forwards, one step back cliché... But pacing yourself and being consistent definitely helps to keep those dreams afloat. Keep at it everybody! You'll get it. Hello and welcome to my Twitter! I am here to express my interest in Game Design and I'd like to invite you to join me on my journey! Dev of #sevenwildz
LondonPortAuth Visiting the Thames this weekend? Remember to #RespecttheRiver. Only go afloat if you are experienced and have taken necessary safety precautions #SaferThames #RespectTheWater The PLA looks after navigational safety on the tidal Thames. We oversee port, passenger and freight operations on the river, as well as recreational events.
SpeedsterIT Aldgate, London E1 Where to Spend and Where to Save When Going 100% Remote Going 100% remote can keep your business afloat. Done right, you can make the switch quickly. This list breaks it down. #remoteworking #futureofwork Award winning #ITSupportLondon - Helping businesses in London to drive profitability, efficiency and growth with #itsolutionslondon #RestaurantITSupport
CavanaughXavier Washington, DC 🌊 @MichaelZarrabi We all need to be very concerned, with the unfair Voting laws States are working overtime to pass, it's the only way that political party can stay afloat, it's all up to the Courts and People Voting - the @GOP has no Equal/Fair mandate among all people, voters out number them 20x FORMER adviser to House & Senate, Members of Congress- love All people, love animals and music, all I do is put out the truth #TheResistance
h1ddleston @frootlore to get him a grammy BOOM u got it. she went around the rules for the credit stuff. plus isnt william bowery still credited separately??? and taylor will use her power to have his career afloat cos shes literally the only reason he's even known to begin with bye
Yazberries Eora Nation via Wiradjuri @maddiepalmer @lauramoates @cityofsydney *sigh* All the communities that make up our LGA have done so well to support each other and keep restaurants and independent grocers afloat. Not to mention the impact this could have on our vulnerable homeless population. It absolutely chills me to the bone. (she/her) / rage producer / travel and entertainment writer / interviewer / social science and media grad / d'n'd roller / nerd / thoughts are my own (I hope).
tracesofjack Tamworth, Australia @yeahthatagency That sounds like the most logical way to go though. Silver lining is maybe some regional places might get some more shows, hoping it is enough to keep some artists afloat considering how hit and miss some places can be. Singer/Songwriter for @tracesband
nictendo64 she/her @beiIuo I KNOW RIGHT, just swimming alone took up so much energy let alone having to stay afloat AND throw the ball 💀 most of my vocabulary is simpson's quotes @oscarthewild_
GrapeyServant His Employer's Home "Careful!" Vynn gasped, lifting higher into the air and helping Xen stay afloat. "You're definitely too high, let me help you down." Hello everyone! Nice to meet you! My dms are always open! Run by @grpfanta! TZ is AST Arabia (GMT +3)
The_Mixologist_ Dining With Kings I really am grateful for everyone who is supporting small businesses in the hospitality industry. We have really been through a lot since covid happened. You guys ordering food and drinks when you can or for your special days is keeping us sane and afloat. Bless 🌸 The Peoples Mixologist. popsicletails and Mocktails Creator. Part time Chef full time Mixologist.
SpidenHerd Somewhere on Earth The Malika grew docile and let things go for awhile. The monsters that exist will keep the ecosystem of Monsterization afloat. The world lives in peace but know that the Malika could be destroyed if it were found and the stone it's in was broken. The world is perfectly fine. I'm an abnormality :)) I'm a little who makes monsters and characters, Also a big fan of horror. I like to Rp and I can be Nsfw, Just ask.
Dekitdk Nairobi, Kenya They still want to keep a few homes afloat, Its not like they don't know they could go online but they know once they do that Hundreds of young men and women will be jobless |Event Organiser/Manager| @yehlahcrew_inc Co-Founder & Director |#TRAVELER| |S. Media Strategist| Forex | |#RustiqueLover| Colour Festival KE
amywaller77 Australia @Steve06059090 @K_Sheldrick @PatsKarvelas So if we stay locked down with 13 million tax payers not working, how do you suppose Australia's society is supposed to stay afloat and support the population not working, without any tax or revenue??? I Live, I Love & dance in the ocean's shadow ...xxxx
MasalaWheelsSE Malaysia Masala Wheels - a social enterprise food truck and catering service that employs at-risk youth and underprivileged individuals - prepared over 16,000 food packages to be sent to homes and also frontliners. #masalawheels #socialenterprise Masala Wheels is an accredited social enterprise empowering marginalized communities through sustainable entrepreneurial initiatives and digital transformation.
hungryguy75 Roeland Park @KSTATEADGT please be proactive and asking the Pac 12 for a lifeline... Every other Big 12 school is doing the same.....We aren't trying to keep this sinking boat afloat. Hungry
kill2thrillme 🪤 FRQ: mutuals OK! i'm gonna think abt lcdp throughout another schoolyear again. why was that the only thing keeping me afloat and also destroying everything i love — luke kaz ten rodri monty ★ he IT ro nya —
ErinMcMusic Nashville, TN 2- let me emphasize THEY ARE TREADING WATER THE ENTIRE TIME. Using just their GODDESS LEVEL THIGHS to keep them afloat. AND ALSO TO PROPEL THEM OUT OF THE WATER TO CATCH THINGS. God bless those goalies. Country/Americana Singer/Songwriter, Feminist, Vocal Revolutionary, Music On The Move Studios, Entrepreneur, general weirdo. 💖
JusttKena I’ve been working two jobs to keep my small family’s head afloat whilst also over extending myself to others that probably don’t deserve my time any longer. I think it’s time for change.I preach so much to others ‘put yourself first’ and I think it’s time to follow my own advice ✨75% coffee, 15% water, 10% losing my mind✨ 🦇Kena 🦇she/her 🦇@Twitch Affiliate 🦇Lover of Horror🦇@Ebaeteam🦇For business:JusttKena@gmail.com
StickmanSouza @SarahTaber_bww @dynamicsymmetry I keep telling people this! If you're an unpopular party kept afloat by gerrymandering, your margins are always going to be thin! Some bigwig finally crunched the numbers and realized this will literally kill the GOP's voting base. It's by far the simplest explanation. he/him, wannabe RPG writer, wannabe voice actor, wannabe good person, wannabe human
Eki306 Malaysia Exercise is good, but why do you need to do it in a group or bring your young kid along? The SOP are there to protect you and keep the healthcare system afloat! Psychiatrist•Sports•ACT
my_tash Harare, Zimbabwe @ThaZimba @daddyhope @OldMutualZW I beg to differ. Old mutual would rather have empty buildings than reduce the rent meaning to say, they have enough resources to keep themselves afloat and furthermore, building new infrastructure. The only people who lose are always the investors, not them. Why? PR, Communication & Media | Brand management. Also, ♥️ emojis and overall sweetie 🏳
PinkMilkPlaguey Site 23 with Expired Clearence I don’t think Felix in the Walten Files was trying to bury the past to lay low, I think he was trying to keep himself afloat just enough that he could recoup and get over his alcoholism I also thing Jack Walten killed himself in Saint Juana woods O5’s Least Favorite🏮Dr. Clef and 049 Stan🦷Old Enough To Drink🕯Bright’s Unpaid PR🏮Cowboy Extremist🦷BurgerBrained🕯Costa Concordia Survivor🏮Tonics 1/2 Off🦷
ZealousValiant Female Writer @RowdyFlairman ++I can’t handle it, Sebastian. I had to do something. This was the only thing keeping me afloat. And you think I’m some dumbass kid that’s a brat and crap. I’m not that girl anymore. I’ve been dealing with crap that I can’t even process. I ain’t…..I didn’t think I had ++ I wanna know what love is. I want you to show me. ||25+ MCRP|| #MDNI
bradisloved 🇰🇪 Happy 1st anniversary to the 2020 Album of the year, #folklorealbum 🌲🌿🍃🍂🤍 one of Taylor's best works. came at the perfect time when we needed to escape from all the chaos and stay afloat as well as think introspectively. #1YearOfFolklore #folkloreanniversary '4:56' out now (link in bio)// ✍🏿 take me to the lakes where all the poets went to die 📝 //he/him 💁🏿‍♂️// poet//
AlvinForbes4 Nanaimo, British Columbia @ZeppelinAgain @tracy_whitemoor @cw_fudge I’ve had to change my line of work. I used to focus on log homes, but that has dried up. Many builders went under. I’ve stayed afloat and doing well, but it means doing things I’m not in love with. Lots of work, but not what I love. That’s life.🤷🏼‍♂️👊🏽 Artist/Musician/Painter. Six Nations Mohawk. SOBER!
GuruCowboy ABQ, NM @GovernorKayIvey So as Alabamans continue to needlessly die, please keep us informed, so those of us in productive states can deduct that money from all the bailouts and welfare we're forced to send to Alabama to keep it afloat. Medicine, Martial Arts, Rhodes Scholar, Fender Rhodes that is. 505 'Burque all day.
RebelBanned @AnyDadInAmerica @FlyinDave @rcb05 Well aggy can always leave the SEC and return to the Big 12, that should keep the Big 12 a viable conference. Why is the onus to keep thr Big 12 afloat solely on UT/OU?
cnash3245 @J_Marrs_ As long as he singlehandedly keeps the restaurants and bars afloat, apparently all of them
bagulabhag @_pallavighosh @BSYBJP He was competent enough during last debacle that happened and he will again be proved fatal to BJP’s vision. If @JPNadda & @AmitShah ji want to stay afloat in the stream 2024 then he must be gone. Somehow, he doesn’t fit in the vision of new BJP. That’s just my advice though. निष्पक्षता के लिए आप मेरे ट्विटर पर अनुसरण कर सकते है। मातारानी का भक्त हूँ, सिनेमा देखना पसंद है।
Tiaarmstrong94 North Bay, Ontario Tomorrow, I'll be quicker I'll stare into the strobe light flicker and afloat, I'll stay But I'm quite alright hiding today Trial and forking error. It's not Tia Maria.. honestly just waiting for the world to end. #BLM
prfctknight cbyf ;「 17┆EN / 中文 」 money and influence has kept this school afloat, but Eichi’s power alone wasn’t enough. Eichi made a deal with the devil, and now, even with the devil burning in the hottest pit in hell, the devil has still come to claim his end of the bargain, but in the form of me being here.” ⠀ ⠀ ⠀#深海奏汰:ふふ。 『おひさま』さん、きこえてますよ~ ‍; ( ☀️🌊 )
NYCEMSwatch NYC What do you keep afloat by bake sales, potlucks and endless hours of unpaid labor? EMS. A unique look at FDNY EMS EMTs & Paramedics, NYC EMS life in general, First Responder life everywhere & NYC politics. As always, unofficial, satirical and wry.
SharonM88707096 @amscraig Yup... like wearing a life jacket in a boat. It will keep you afloat if needed and hopeful of a rescue. She/her. I talk, walk and take photos. Lets gone Warriors! NPEC... that'll do!
DontKill_TyVibe Weight of the world make it impossible to stay afloat And the demons we battle with make it harder to cope
Pretty__Porsha 🔮 @horatiogonz @tmeixner @TomsTechandMore @AnnaForFlorida He can’t influence crap let’s be real if Desantis wants a shut down then it’ll happen but not because Fauci wants one. Cases are rising and y’all really more concerned about be on a lockdown again? Use your damn resources to keep afloat but don’t jeopardize ppl in the process You Only Have One Life To Live...