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RonWyden Oregon Thanks to Democratic leadership and hours of negotiation, we were able to get this deal done the right way to help Americans in need. This legislation will get real dollars to workers and small businesses who are struggling to stay afloat. U.S. Senator from Oregon. @SenateFinance Ranking Member. Follow @WydenPress for updates from my staff. Instagram:
Khairykj Malaysia Saya harap PRIHATIN dapat dilaksana dengan segera. Get money into the rakyat’s hands, help businesses stay afloat and workers employed. Protect & recognise the heroic frontliners. Stay safe. Let’s live to fight another day. Minister of Science, Technology & Innovation; MP for Rembau; Papa to Cougar, Puma & Leo. Dark blue.
jaketapper Senator texts me to say media should be noting that in addition to the $1200 checks to the public, unemployment benefits that have been increased and extended and “that is going to keep working folks and families afloat. They can pay their bills - mortgage, rent, utilities... Dad, husband, CNN Anchor of @TheLeadCNN and @CNNSOTU. "Jake Tapper...I know; you don't like him. Who likes him? Who the hell can like him?" - President Trump
PittsburghKai Bronx, NY @pulte I think the work you’re siding is amazing. I don’t qualify for the check and it’s hard staying afloat for my son and with no income. Some guy pretending to work for you tried to scam me out of my last $50. SMH Photographer/Sound Engineer/Stage Manager/Production Manager/Carpenter... Jack of all trades. Master of most.
ravenrainmagic @JeffreeStarPH @pulte @JeffreeStar I'm out of work, and in the beginning stages of a divorce with an abusive, volatile man. His mother just abused me yesterday when I went to our house to collect some baby blankets. We have a 2 year old. The whole family is toxic, now I see. I need help to keep us afloat Brat n 1/2 💋🔞 Findom $25+ tribute THEN DM! 🖤 CA: $magicravenrain 🖤Venmo @magicravenrain Subscribe for exclusives
johnwshanley @LukeEnderby @APetimezas But Europe will/ should recover from the covid-19 virus faster than UK and USA..as for the US €2 trillion stimulus..that's mostly to keep the stock market afloat and if they weren't artificially high they wouldn't need it..so good luck with capital flight to the US. some of my views are not very PC and maybe doesn't reflect who I really am.
rotn0ne1 Hagerstown, MD @pulte $cwalker321. My husband and I worked for the same company, and we are both out of work. A company we felt would keep us afloat, have also fallen threw. We are worried now about losing our cars. It's scary times.
R14ScoRae Trudeau's land of Unicorns @CBCNews If I want to read about finance and business, it won't be from a news outlet that has 0 readers and relies on staying afloat by sucking at the teat of taxpayers. #DefundCBC Govt is not the solution to problems, govt is the problem. Self declared hereditary leader of Canada. The list of those who blocked me is long but distinguished
RD__Pro Whenever this epidemic reaches its end, I’m asking the people in this company to give my coworkers bonuses. They’re putting their necks out to keep business afloat and deserves something out of it.
hiphopizmylfe Lancaster, CA @pulte Won’t lie that would a big blessing.: working hard to keep afloat on one income with twins and a oldest it is a lot of work and sacrifice proud father to the jones twins Adrianna and Jasmyne who are currently on how to get away with murder season 5. happily married and have a beautiful teen girl.
sorenaface HTX @TheCourtKim And how they think the business will stay afloat? Just curious Pre-Law, Finance Major — UH ❣️🤘🏾
RepCuellar Laredo, Texas / Washington DC My offices have received a lot of questions regarding the #COVID19 relief payments, and as we work to assist Americans struggling to remain financially afloat during this crisis, many are wondering what that amount will look like for them and their household. Proudly representing the 28th Congressional District of Texas.
kate_blackley Pittsburgh On today's #PittsburghExplainer: how local officials are handling precautions inside the jails & prison, what arts groups are doing to keep afloat and the federal response. Here's a look at @ODriscoll1bill's makeshift studio (courtesy @ReneeRosensteel) Producer/Reporter for @905WESA Pgh’s @NPR News Station, usually Good Question!, LGBTQ and Pittsburgh Explainer // she/her
labucketbrigade New Orleans, LA Like they always do, the industry turns to government handouts to stay afloat. So they've asked the White House for regulatory relief during the corona crisis - special favors and permission to skirt the rules. The Louisiana Bucket Brigade is taking on the industries that are ruining our state - oil, gas and petrochemicals - to hasten a transition from fossil fuels.
RiverMusicExp 129 N. Main St. Davenport, IA Any donations made at the link below will be split between the RME and the artist to help keep us all afloat during these trying times. If you think music in our community is important, please consider donating. Donate: River Music Experience is a non-profit providing opportunities for the community to listen, learn, and play music. The RME is home to the #RedstoneRoom
JaeJae91884045 @pulte These are all I got and we need help so bad with money for food and diapers I wish I could sepend on my own family but sadly I cant because were all struggling to stay afloat.. 🌈equality,family👭👨‍👩‍👧 god🙏🙌 guidance❤ & work goals💯👩‍🍳
GeorgeDoranJr1 @RepThomasMassie Are you an MIT grad? If so, how do they teach math? It doesn't add up, you can't take the total amount and divide it by individuals when alot of the $$$ is going to businesses that need help in order to keep our economy afloat!
LambTracy Oswego, NY @pulte I’m a daycare provider that has lost income due to Covid-19 and help would be greatly appreciate to help keep my business afloat so when this over my parents have a place to bring there kids back to 🥰🙏🏻 I’m a daycare provider that is all about family and my dog 🐾 ❤️
ak_signe London, England What keeps me afloat currently is deceivingly upbeat playlists, knowing that I am so so lucky to have a stable job where I can safely WFH, running and a fair share of denial, hbu. Books, plants, god awful at baking.
zadoorian Ferndale, Michigan @AMIGHTYBLAZE is promoting writers (like myself) who are having books released & events cancelled during these scary times. Helping writers find audiences & indie bookstores stay afloat. They're on FB, Twitter and Instagram. Find, like & follow them. #amightyblaze @AkashicBooks Author: THE LEISURE SEEKER (Now a Helen Mirren film), BEAUTIFUL MUSIC, 2ND HAND, LOST TIKI PALACES OF DET. 5/5:THE NARCISSISM OF SMALL DIFFERENCES. Preorder now
baldwinsthename Austin @pulte I think it sort of follows the " give a man a fish..." It's important that it also goes to businesses to keep afloat otherwise when it's over, won't be business to go back to! Going to both business and the people is the right move. A relentless Entrepreneur, foster to adopt Parent of 5, Husband of 13 yrs, Krav Maga Rocks.
matronlindy Manchester @KateWilliamsme Where would we be without the self employed, many struggle to keep their businesses afloat. We need to support them as we support those in PAYE jobs. Also, they employ a lot of people and create opportunities in a supply chain etc. Independent Healthcare Consultant and proud Registered Nurse (Mental Health), worked for NHS since 1980. Views are my own.
MHammill501st Colorado, USA Legit question. Why can corporations take out loans to keep themselves afloat? Millions of families rely on credit cards with their outrageous interest rates to pay bills and buy food. Why should this bill that the Senate passed give money to companies owned by billionaires? Fun, family guy, into Detroit sports, and doesn't have time for B.S.
samisam147 avad to go to burger king @bojack90s I meant more the TV money everyone's owed which is supposedly the reason they can't void the Premier League (because Sky and BT would sue them for millions), I feel if you had a future start date then you might be able to keep clubs afloat with some temporary aid love donk hate tories // private - @samdepressedalt
Vishalv39753901 @fernandesjoe1 @sonagujrati @alfadog_2300 @dhruv_rathee Do you even know what happened to railways under Lalu prasad He sold the unused things(which was money like old parts and other things) to sheets afloat to profit.
tastemakersAPT United States After Gov. Jared Polis of #Colorado ordered all restaurants to close in an effort to slow the spread of #COVID19 Lance Hanson and his team at @jackrabbithill lost all but 20 percent of their revenue stream. Head to to find out what happened next. Meet the makers, chefs & farmers redefining American food & drink. New season w/Emmy-winning @cat_neville now airing on PBS & coming to @createtvchannel soon!
j_johnston19 @EddieStobartCom Yes well done, undercut everyone else trying to stay afloat and put small businesses out of work #welldone #doingyourbit
brando_writes Houston, TX In my latest report with @EaterHouston I spoke with restaurant owners on Galveston Island. Some restaurants are seeing sales down by more than 90% and many are getting creative to stay afloat. Former ice cream scooper, barista, baker, and line cook. Freelance food writer. Retweets ≠ Endorsements Words in @houstoniamag and @eaterhouston 🍅🥑
BryanLowry3 Washington, DC .@RepHartzler also backs bills, says it "provides a series of economic protections for Missourians, providing crucial assistance to keep our small businesses afloat.... and bold provisions that ensure Missouri’s families won’t have to choose between food or the rent" Washington correspondent for @kcstar Covering DC for KC. Former @kansasdotcom statehouse correspondent. Caffeine & sarcasm. Contact: blowry@mcclatchydc.com
Katelyn_Davis16 @pulte $katelyndavis22 I’m working 16 hour days to try to stay afloat. My two year old hardly gets to see me and it’s breaking my heart😭 ❤️8//29//15❤️
jenniferrr_29 Stirling, Scotland i have just been laid off and i can’t express how much i’ll miss my job and my coworkers. it’s the only job that i’ve fully loved and it hurts me so much to be leaving. i hope small businesses find a way to stay afloat during this crisis. thank you Groundhouse for being the best! ♎️ kind of sort of always at a gig 🤫. sc: jennifergray29
jess_andrew907 @pulte 1 month/check isn’t going to be enough to keep me and many people afloat. I’m a waitress and although they hope we are back to work April 13th, I just don’t see that happening. I’m just hoping for a miracle and to make it thru without too much financial damage.
auntyag @pulte $auntyag81 I'm a single mom just trying to stay afloat and keep my son fed. Even if I don't get picked I'm thankful for the chance.
JenasisCarroll @pulte Luckily my mom can work from and is keeping us afloat. School sucks and I mis seeing other humans. Not a lot of people are talking about kids feel right now. I’m sacred. Also since I’m only 12 I can’t have money sent to me and my mom is strict and might think it’s a scam. Meme addiction. Actual potato. School hater. Soccer player 💜Instagram💜: @chicken_patata 💛Snapchat💛: jcarroll9722
NormaStakey @pulte Mom of two boys trying to buy my sons eye meds, I’m backed up on rent and bills I’m struggling to keep afloat $NormaStakey anything would help us Mom of two wonderful boys
MmsMake Seattle Washington @jessithebuckeye For every a**hole, there are 20 to 30 people willing to keep you strong at your weakest and keep you afloat when you are drowning. Wrestling pundit/enthusiast. NJPW, Stardom, NXT, AEW
sthatcher_m Florida, USA @AOC AOC....you’re a dumbass woman! Small business need this $$ so that they can keep afloat and keep employees employed. Can’t wait until you are voted out of office- you are what is Wrong wit America...a part of the problem and not the solution. Never put yourself in a box.
Codyyleee Cartersville, GA @pulte $codyLnichols been trying to find a job/way to make money and I have had no luck. Just trying to keep my family afloat. Guitar/Uke player, videographer, and Christian artist.
PatrickPetrell1 Philadelphia, PA @thedailybeast Nah, they're trying to improve the margin so Trump can skim off the top to keep his failing businesses afloat and pay off his Russian debts City denizen. Liberal. New MSLIS student Enjoying life. #VoteBlue
bannannabreanna San Diego, CA @pulte really need an extra little push to help my family and I as I am not working and need to keep us afloat!❤️ -I’m the right amount of psycho 🖤
christiinen TX @pulte $crustinee hey bill among all this chaos my whole household has lost our jobs and now my mom and i are fighting to stay afloat as we live paycheck by paycheck and have difficulty applying for unemployment due to jammed lines
LexisNexis New York, NY Small business loans made available through the new stimulus package could go a long way in keeping small and solo law firms afloat, experts say. LexisNexis is a leading global provider of legal, regulatory & business info & analytics. Get 24/7 help at or 800-543-6862
doktordave Calgary AB, and St. John's, NL @RobertFife Considering how much money we need to borrow in a hurry to keep Canada afloat in this crisis - I'm glad that China and her state run banks owe us a big favour. Chill the panic Fife. Promotions & Associate Producer with UpsideRight Media. Social Media marketing consultant.
JenasisCarroll @pulte Luckily my mom can work from and is keeping us afloat. School sucks and I mis seeing other humans. Not a lot of people are talking about kids feel right now. I’m sacred. Also since I’m only 12 I can’t have money sent to me and my mom is strict and might think it’s a scam. Meme addiction. Actual potato. School hater. Soccer player 💜Instagram💜: @chicken_patata 💛Snapchat💛: jcarroll9722
TheFuggi89 Philadelphia, PA @realginnyrobins They need to understand, This is going to cost 6-7 trillion. 3.5 till of it needs to go to small business to keep people employed and keep them afloat. and with the fed doing qe indefinitely, So we need more money to fund every part of our complex economy. Judged on 1980s metrics I pick stocks, play golf, firearms expert (in the industry 7 years). L/R is not the way. Tell the truth, inform people with facts not opinion.
KimEvansAgain Near Louisville, KY Life is hard. I’m already behind on my house and car, fighting to stay afloat, and now all of this. All the stimulus check will do is pay my past dues 😟 #AllLivesMatter #ILoveMySons #CountryGirlAtHeart #InspireMe #enddeathbyincarceration
DannyBabyBoi @pulte I’m trying really hard to stay afloat with everything. Missouri isn’t going on lock down and I’m scared for our jobs. $dannyphantom998 im 21/he him/ I’m Little with a Daddy 🥰🥰 I’m new to Twitter so be nice plz. My little age is 5-9 years old and I’ve been with my daddy for almost 4 years 💖🥰
silvcrwings yes i put aegon III as great cause he inherited a realm shattered by war at just 11 and managed to keep it all afloat and rebuild while things might have been better in like viserys I’s reign he’s still lower cause he was riding jaehaerys’ high and anyone can do that —— 𝐬𝐡𝐞 𝐛𝐮𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐝 𝐚𝐬 𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐚𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐦𝐚𝐧, 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐬𝐨 𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐢 - 𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐞𝐥𝐥, 𝐚𝐟𝐟𝐜
oh_HOLMES Atlanta,GA @Nxlevel I definitely understand the strain on businesses for sure. That's why I think its on the feds to get the money out QUICK, and for stated and cities to do more to keep folk afloat till the Fed money comes. Politico. Clocked in at @RAdvisors3. NCA&T Aggie.
HappeningsHapp2 PA @pulte Personally, we are at risk of losing our car and apt while trying to just stay afloat with the furbabies. Reguardless, let me just say, yes this pandemic definetly brought destruction but along it has also brought people coming together, and that's such a heartwarming positive💕 Hew and Ayeoh; gamers, sculptors, painters, nature lovers, imagineers. Any art is done by my partner, a trained sfx artist, and myself, a self taught dumbass🎨

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