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AJentleson Periodic reminder that the simplest explanation for Trump’s relationship with Putin makes the most sense. Russian money kept Trump afloat after his 1990s bankruptcies. Putin offered help in 2016 and DJT accepted. Then Trump advanced major Putin objectives like undermining NATO. Former Deputy Chief of Staff, Senator Harry Reid | @DemocracyFWD | Song #1 is not a | He/him
USSConstitution Boston, MA CONSTITUTION DAY! Happy #ConstitutionDay! Today marks the 232nd anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution. USS Constitution, America’s Ship of State and the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world, is happy to bear this document as our namesake! Huzzah! "Old Ironsides" - Owned and operated by the U.S. Navy since 1797, bringing American naval heritage to life. Your Navy starts here!
MaxKennerly Philadelphia, Pennsylvania If only these human beings were large corporations, then we could spend $50 billion on loans and equity purchases to keep them afloat, and we wouldn't mind if we lost >$11 billion in the process. That's what we did for GM. But they're just people, so they don't qualify. Trial lawyer by day. Cookie monster by night.
MtnsRcalln 2018: Ended up in hospital with stage 4 kidney failure and Rnhabdomylosis. After returning to health, had unrelated surgery that put me on low paying short term disability. Struggled to stay afloat and keep everything current. $mtnsRcalln - Dad of 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats. Using this account for #twitterphilanthropy reasons. Vetted by @couponmom0810 & @LegalBeagle1215
mikewilliams_v Sydney, Australia @martatlon Mart, that’s so kind of you to say. I’m thrilled you’re along for the ride and get the project. Your message has kept me afloat for the evening, thank you. I make audio documentaries @RadioNational. Learning how to do a backflip.
Noob2Q Florida, USA @WbsMark @AdamSchiff @SpeakerPelosi Newsflash bro, @AdamSchiff & @SpeakerPelosi have NO power and CANNOT impeach him. It is a pipe dream that is kept afloat by the ignorance of people like you. Random #Patriot, Father, Child of the King #KAG2020 #MAGA #QAnon #WWG1WGA #IFB "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness..." -Matt. 6:33
CardcaptorCay The Milky Way @Luxrayzz I know, it’s very overwhelming and difficult to even stay afloat. Take it slow and one thing at a time, even if that thing is making a cup of tea, putting on some fuzzy socks or having a bath Feral Sunflower | she/her
WerdSOS Edinburgh, Scotland @officialkappa99 @tedermeatballs UK papers are running at a loss. They are ugly and people are shutting them out. Don’t feed it more. They are having to use pay subscriptions online to stay afloat. Soon they will close or have to rebrand and relaunch. Werd (SOS) / Drew Devine / Makes Music & Promotes Local Hip-Hop / Draws buildings too. Auld Reekie, Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 All views u can own, keep um x
djdoug Washington DC A wave of new media is approaching. Keep your business afloat by being a guest on our podcast and making sure your message is out there. Speaker, author, podcast strategist, INC and Forbes Featured podcaster, CEO Nice Guys on Business host, 3+million downloads
KasnerBeth Berkeley, CA @NE0_11 @berozgarKisan And that’s just it. Who knows how many accounts are like ours? Small numbers, churning out content on the daily,fighting to stay afloat in an a hostile environmenta, trying to do good and frankly, getting shafted for it. We could be Twitter’s largest demographic for all we know relationship status: possessed
DynamiteAge Ibadan, Nigeria 8 things you need to do to keep your business afloat. These are all practical and if you aren't doing them, start now. And also let us know which one has worked for you the best so far.🤔 - Need a professional… We create digital experience for brands and companies by using creative design and technology 🎯
ajjbot And how do we maintain our buoyancy In this salty lake of crap, tears, and murder and disease How do we keep ourselves afloat? In all this sad stuff tweeting ajj lyrics every hour. created by @trashmarsupial.
Xaosopher Nevada, USA The Three Sisters is a skyship, @AuraPaladin, named for the three moons that grace the heavens above; it uses three floatbags where most ships use one, and has survived several storms wounded but still afloat thanks to losing one but keeping the other two. #WhisperingInfinities Asexual, agender, octopus/dragon/snowfinch chimera. 100% void-creature. Xe/xer/xyr. Queer as heck. Polyam.
KittKinky Glasgow, Scotland @PupRy071218 My darling, I am in love with you. That means it's my job to try and keep your head out of the water, and keep you afloat. It burns me up to know you're not doing okay, and I know Doomsday is a really awful time for you. But if we can even find the tiniest wee spark of joy... Kinky fox drone, out to cause mischief and mayhem to all who get too close. ❤️Drone, Gunge, ABDL and Lycra❤️ 21 - Gay Af - 18+ NSFW BF of @PupRy071218
Dani_B Manchester, England @vonny_bravo My partner has been caring for me while I'm ill as well as working full time and keeping us afloat, but they make time for this on days off. Cats, intersectional feminism, knitting, inclusion, Oxford commas. Tweets and opinions all mine. She/her.
jooji_marsh Sheffield, England @JJ_1026_ @TravelingBlade @skibumg For a man obsessed with the Premier League and doesn't have the cash to keep us afloat in the championship I find that hard to believe. We'll see though. Play with computers and stuff for a living. May uncontrollably tweet about @SheffieldUnited.
jagan520 Circa Delhi The publisher Faber & Faber was derided at first as “a bunch of Oxford amateurs; won’t last.” Passion, shrewdness, and luck have kept it afloat for 90 years I still pick up pennies off the streets. Oxford comma enthusiast. Coffee pervert.
paulkasekesnr Africa #TheTruthIs some of the losses you've suffered were profits because those things/people kept you back from your destiny. It's like being on a sinking ship and for it to stay afloat, some things have to be thrown out.God offloaded some people to keep you from sinking.Say thank you Proudly African| Christian| Senior Managing Partner @africonsultfirm | Pastor |Legal Advisor | Public Law Specialist| In The Business of 'Growing' People💪 🇿🇼🇿🇦🌍
ionknow99 Ight imma fuh wichu Is to keep afloat while there’s weights tugging you down. I find taking time to get away , which most of the time is a long shower full of contemplation and intrusive thoughts, helps soothe my physical being. Personally, I’ve dealt with this my entire childhood slowly learning myself
geannemikooo I found my self in the middle of the vast ocean Terrified I tried my best to stay afloat But I was quickly getting tired And then I couldn't fight it anymore So I let my self fall I was so scared of drowning But then I realized that I could breathe under water Immaculate × Mapúan × Iska
Sir__F @__Vimbai Tobacco sales and other exports have pretty much stopped and they need to source the forex somewhere to stay afloat. But this is just me guessing Eat code. Write bacon.
FatzSkinny London Having to borrow money pay it back and borrow again just to stay afloat DARK TIMES but the dark is my allie😪💀💀 Im a movie buff and sick of SJW's getting in the way of good film making, i don't give a crap about political agenda's i just wanna see good films. #NEVERWOKE
vbtn_ @_dte They got bought by Sainsburys and are kept afloat by them Stevenage FC · Indianapolis Colts · Software Dev
jakkals90210 Johannesburg, South Africa What this @MYANC rockstar is missing is that his own organisation, governing for the past 25years plus, has increased unemployment. Its the private sector, that has kept this country afloat. And socialism? Sweetie, please. I'm the guy sitting next to you in traffic, probably.
FrenchDanish Esbjerg Stadion ...mentioned shortly, kept them afloat. Left-winger/forward Memphis Depay (25/NED) put #OlympiqueLyonnais on his back in the 2nd Half. He won a penalty, converted the penalty expertly and always wanted the ball. He would cut inside from the left and unleash a... #OLZEN (6d/6) Long-form scouting and match analysis of everything 🇫🇷 (#Ligue1, #CoupeDeLaLigue, #CoupeDeFrance et al). Then, the same for 🇩🇰. 🌹
ROINewsNow Damaged Ship Still Being Detained Near Kinvara, Co Galway #ireland
Capt_Logun @PeerIGN @NVCpodcast @agentbizzle @TomRMarks If I could follow up with another question. If you were the CEO for Gamestop and charged with the task of keeping the company afloat what changes would you make for the future or do you think Gamestop isn't hurting as much as consumer presume? Thanks for the reply. Owner/Host of the @KeelhauledPod. Blizzard Lover, Nintendo Fan Boy, #SeaofThieves #BeMorePirate Email: captlogun@gmail.com
adwojtkowiak Olsztyn, Poland Their best chance and his final one to stay afloat as a top coach. It's written. Jack of all trades, master of none. I dabble in history, mountaineering, sports in the broad sense and architecture. I variegate my vocabulary to sound smart.
gobidad11 North Carolina, USA @TeelaResists well trump eats enough to keep the fast food industry afloat. you won't catch me eating from a @McDonalds @BurgerKing @Arbys, etc until those regulations are back in place and are even more stringent. no meat for me. LEVEL 10 M.E. WARRIOR #Resist
h_laxton Wollongong, New South Wales 'Magic', 'medicinal' water of mineral pools keeps tourists and towns afloat via @ABCNews Producer for @ABCAustralia based in Sydney | Previously @ABCRiverina | Send your stories to: laxton-koonce.hannah@abc.net.au | Views are my own
grailsnail Seattle-ish @RegularResister @tatzanx They all guilty as crap, and think fighting will keep them afloat. North of Seattle. Will talk politics, social psychology, AI, the Golden Rule, Oxford commas, and cats. Trolls must be original and funny or I block.
epark1016 NY/NJ/PHL/MIA @ChesterEugene @jrichardgoodman And... If they shot SOOOO well, WHY THE fork Harden have to average 40 to keep them afloat?? 😂😂😂😂 "I'm never late, just early to the next one..."
MatthysMeintjes South Africa @AfricanGiraffee @Magashule_Ace you are absolutely correct. This country is kept afloat because of white monopoly capital. The corrupt @MYANC government has squandered BILLIONS and enriched a handful of elite black people, who live in absolute luxury while their black brothers suffer. MALEMA!! The Founder of the Family was born in 1675 and evidently arrived at the Cape during 1708, as his name does not until 1709 appear in the annual census records.
BritannicTech Guildford, UK Traditional monolithic solutions are dying out and making way for a new approach. Here's why microservices are going to be key for keeping businesses afloat. #microservices #digitaltransformation #modernisation #infrastructure Business communication experts #VoiP | #SIP | #UC | #Cloud | #ContactCentre | #CX | Networks - follow us for news, insight & ideas
Grahamknight5 @scotlandinunion @pamela_nash So the Tory pimps Scotland in union are crapting their pants i see, it is the peoples choice and not the Rich Tory donors that keep your cowboy outfit Scotland in union afloat to save their own land and financial transactions from being made public, your time is coming
Nitro_Wolfe Woodstown, NJ Nitwo want fuwwyswuit But nitwos funds have been depweted u__u I've blown through half my savings account trying to stay afloat while taking leave from work to ne here in NY while dad was at the hospital (and now for arranging the memorial) ripperoni got my bank Nitro/Roland 🐾25 🐾Neurodivergent Janky Dog 🐾 trans-He/Him 🐾 Brooklyn/NJ/Philly soon🐾 🔞 often NSFW 🔞 🐾 💙 closed relationship🐾 🚫No TERFS or Truscum🚫
UhOhItsJazzy On God's green Earth Thank you to everyone who came to bday Dinner! This past month has been rough on me, really rough. So grateful for each and everyone of you, thank you for keeping me afloat. Love you guys! @ TGI Fridays
AfloatMagazine Ireland Damaged Ship Still Being Detained Near Kinvara, Co Galway Real-time news & opinion from Ireland's no.1 online marine news source.Check out
bwdn2008 Northern CA @JackCessna @eugenegu @realDonaldTrump You are so ignorant! California is the 5th largest economy in the world and pays more taxes than ever comes back. States Like California and New York are keeping the Red States afloat through taxes! Of course the Corporate Federal Taxes were Reduced by #45! DAAAAH Author Black Minqua The Life and Times of Henry Green, Pieces of the Quilt The Mosaic of An African American Family, Notes & Documents of Free Persons of Color.
wickedgame1 @EllenBurt18 @robbystarbuck @RepJerryNadler @SpeakerPelosi Guess he has to keep making underhanded deals, having our armed forces and foreign dignitaries stay at his properties to stay afloat then, eh? And there are all those golf trips he uses our taxes for, rather than, I don't know, helping the underprivileged or something.
Systems21747 PFM Act-2012,Section 155(3)(b) initiatives anytime, but upande wa uongozi, nimekataa. It is people like me who stay up late to keep this Nation afloat...and when I see problems or Risks, I cannot roll over or sit just because Uhuru is meeting random people. Uhuru met Githeri Man, giving him an award... Account being ran in Trust for The Republic of Kenya by the Pioneer Systems Auditor-Republic of Kenya; Dip.FM, CPA(K)trainee, Cert.AT. Regd:65446 ~ Nbi
baseball_bliss California, USA @510ProSports @Babsew @Athletics @AthleticsPR @DaveKaval just as having been around so long with no real benefits and still paying the same amount seems like they could do a bit extra for us. Keeping them afloat when the sucked & when Wolff was pocketing our revenue sharing $ which is partially why we lost it! But you seem like a long ⚾️Baseball Bliss - if you love baseball you have found your paradise! A happy #MLB blog with news, analysis & a #hella West Coast bias!⚾️
edaf87484508 Auckland, New Zealand When my brother was drowning after we jumped off the wharf and I was drowning bc I was laughing at his face trying to breathe and stay afloat. We both would have died had my cousin not jumped in and saved us 😂 I literally would have died bc I fkn laugh too much 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ “what’s the plan for the future?” “what’s a future? is that a shop or somefing?”
kweriousgeorge Greenland @washingtonpost As he pushed to repeal clean air and water act? As he pushed for repeal of gas emissions standards? Looks like an obvious lawsuit. CA pays more money to keep red states afloat than keeping money in. Stop sending money out then. Easy Why? What? When? How? I’m curious about all things big and small. Sherlock is my hero
Mr_Math314 Buffalo, NY I hate how much I’m called selfish... I go to school early and leave late because of work and homework I go to school all weekend to do homework It’s grad school, this isn’t natural for me I struggle, I have to work harder just to stay afloat All alone, just the beat inside my soul Take me home, where my dreams are made of gold #PLURfamily
AdamSmithFree Los Angeles, CA @marcorubio You have the solution for Venezuela. This toy has cost a lot of money to build and it costs a lot of money to keep it afloat. Why not use it for the noble cause of Freedom? 🗽 ¡Luchando por la democracia, maestro! 🇨🇴 🇺🇸 LA BATALLA ES CONTRA EL SOCIALISMO 🗽 Libertad y Orden.
ChatarinaTSP Indonesia @RecusantVessel Sea salt trio (with SDG coming in close second) mostly because they have the most fleshed out story. Unlike Destiny and Wayfinder, we first saw them as strangers and gradually become friends as well as their struggles to keep their friendship afloat. 18 | ID | Her/She Watercolor & Digital art
Ijoyviva Maine, USA @hanit001 Business... How to stay afloat and make more money 💵🤔 GM @majohomes // A certified realtor //Website designer//blogger// God's Own 😉
jonbuchwald @Solutions_Inst @auweia1 @Forbes Daddy and Willie have helped keep him afloat. Helping businesses to identify and act on revenue growth opportunities. Opinions expressed via Twitter are solely my own.
peachmaw Icon @Dracononite Hey I know its late but I could use some cash for eating and gas and also this pool will act as a lil tip jar to keep me afloat while i continue job searching. thanks for any support and boosts i get 🧡💜 BROOKLYNN🌺LVL.24🌺SHE|THEY🌺NB🌺LESBIAN🌺LOVES @VONKARN 🌺 I put this peach in the fridge for me she’s mine no one touch her. -Carm 🖤

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