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RYA United Kingdom Want to try something new? Try sailing this summer! ⛵️ The Royal Yachting Association is the UK's national organisation representing the interests of everyone who goes boating for pleasure. #RYA #Sailing #Boating
allzwright Light a lotus candle at the Blue Temple and set it afloat. I, of course, chose a hot pink one.… Chic geek. Mischief maker. Dapper dandy. Content marketer. World traveler. Trivial pursuer. Bodacious blogger: https://t.co/Ud3pKPwkpI
jon_bossenger Cape Town, South Africa This is the downside of relying on a free SaaS platform for hosting your content #WordPress #OwnYourContent Open source web developer, speaker, husband, father, jiu-jitsu instructor, couch jumper. My jokes are funny dammit.
Marsden_Bob Queens, NY Rappers coming at Joe Budden for his critique on todays new rappers= insurance policy for a feature to keep their careers afloat #factsonly Music Architect, Amateur ScreenWriter, Business Consultant, Father
DickeyeSmash Gary, IN @rvponders @AdrianCJax On the other hand I'm working sixty hours a week at minimum wage to stay afloat, perhaps money does matter Freed from nerd hell, and went back for your sins. Mad as hell and not taking it anymore.
Griselda__B Gettn To Da Money Is All I kno All I kno is both dem niggas better stay afloat cuz they can never get shit from me an that's on both ma kids 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 I wake up Evry Mornin nd Grind Hard so me nd ma ✌️ kids Can Shine hard DAFEER nd ZANIRAS keeper
GhantaVentures @tackypreneur Focussing on B2B is equivalent to Exit Polls in Elections. You know you are losing but have to keep hopes afloat 😁 Here to bring sanity in this over exuberant startup space
aiie_kay Lagos, Nigeria Those with children have to keep their kids afloat G O O D V I B E S O N L Y ⚡️ 👤6'5... IG: infamousikay_ snap me: infamousikay #TeamBarcelona #TeamMessi
okiyuuki 東京 池袋 wagon by afloat… 池袋、wagon by afloatで美容師しています。 予約TEL→03-5985-4123 https://t.co/sTiSqydWC2
nickreynoldsatp Twerkhamsted If you're on #soundcloud I suggest you start saving your tracks somewhere else 🙁 Music makes me happy. Who knew? My more sensible twitter account is @nickreynoldsatw
alistairheath London, England Watching May sell our nation's soul for a Trump trade deal just to keep the Brexit daydream afloat makes me ashamed to be British. Work at a chocolate factory and make videos/bad jokes when I get a chance. At the point in life where I have to say these views are my own.
2351onthelist Edinburgh @TS_3502 @Gaudd @ScotlandsFuture @TedDitchburnNNP @G32woman @ANDREWM76917983 @heraldscotland @Evening_Tele You mean… Nil
politikUK London, England @LordS_afloat Civil Partnership Act 2004 paved the way. It was Lynne Featherstone (LibDem) that pushed bill in coal… Commentary and clarity on issues in the US, UK, and Europe. Presently focusing on #Trump, #HungParliament and #Brexit. Definitely not mainstream.
AnthonyJon6 @docdhj They'll never die. They are funded by Soros. Ratings don't matter. The deep state and elite keep the failed #MSM afloat. Now thats a sandwich!!!

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