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Refuge Cove

Refuge Cove Co-Op Limited

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Salt Pan Cove

Salt Pan & Refuge Coves Co-Op Limited

The Co-op is a Member of the NSW Maritime Pittwater User Group and has been involved in its work with boat toilet pump-outs, no-wash zones, etc. The recent upgrading of the Saltpan jetty is among the issues where our voice has been influential. When Marine Neighbourhood Watch was formed in the late 1980s the Co-op gave its full support and our voluntary roster system turned Salt Pan and Refuge Coves from one of the worst areas of marine theft to the safest in the first year of Marine Watch operation.

The Co-op is a non-profit community activity, owned by its members. As a member you help to protect our common boating interest from interference from political pressure groups, commercial interests and undue increases in boating costs. We invite all boat owners in our two bays to join us Salt Pan & Refuge Coves Co-Op Limited By joining our group your wishes for a boating life as free as possible of unwanted intrusions from authorities and other interest groups are strengthened. You get the use of the Co-Op's three moorings, in Morning Bay, Coaster's Retreat and Refuge Bay, and the satisfaction that your voice is better heard when boating matters are dealt with at institutions like the NSW Maritime Authority, Northern Beaches Council, National Parks and Wildlife, etc.

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