Information about the beautiful Pittwater

Public Moorings

Public Moorings are allocated by NSW Maritime (previously known as the MSB). They are usually much cheaper than commercial moorings but are in short supply in most areas.


Barrenjoey Head

Total Moorings: 2. Status: Closed-No applications accepted

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Total Moorings: 268 Average wait: 18-24 months.

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Careel Bay

Total Moorings: 250 Average wait: 6-8 months.

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Total Moorings: 649 Average wait: No wait.

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Coasters Retreat

Total Moorings: 39 Residents only.

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Crystal Bay

Total Moorings: 21 Closed-No applications accepted.

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Elvina Bay

Total Moorings: 26 Residents only

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Great Mackerel Beach

Total Moorings: 30 Residents only

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Horseshoe Cove

Total Moorings: 47 Average wait: 15 years.

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Lovett Bay

Total Moorings: 64 Residents only

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McCarrs Creek

Total Moorings: 266 Average wait: 8-12 months.

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Morning Bay

Total Moorings: 13 Residents only

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Palm Beach

Total Moorings: 63 Average wait: 18 months

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Refuge Cove

Total Moorings: 131 Average wait: No wait.

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Salt Pan Cove

Total Moorings: 268 Average wait: 3-6 months

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Scotland Island

Total Moorings: 129 Residents only

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Winji Jimmi

Total Moorings: 12 Average wait: 15 Years!

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Winnererremy Bay

Total Moorings: 17 Average wait: 15 years!

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